D | CA-04

Brynne Kennedy


An accomplished businesswoman

Brynne Kennedy was born and raised in a rural community that struggled as a result of manufacturing plant closures. As both of her parents worked long hours while fighting a tough battle with cancer, Brynne saw the flaws of our country’s healthcare system firsthand. Brynne went on to found Topia, a software company that has eased businesses and helped workers transition into a changing economy, and is now considered a leading voice on the effects of technology in the workplace. Brynne also founded and led Mobility4All, a charitable initiative focused on supporting refugees and rural communities. Brynne received her Bachelor’s Degree from Yale and MBA from London Business School.

A voice for unrigging our broken system

Brynne is running to change a Congress mired in partisan gridlock and controlled by corrupt special interests. Brynne is proving she’ll take on corporate special interests in Washington by rejecting all corporate PAC and lobbyist contributions in her campaign. Brynne believes that passing important legislation, like the For the People Act (H.R. 1), is critical in achieving true democracy reform.

A chance to pickup a key House seat

Brynne is challenging Congressman Tom McClintock, a Republican who has represented California’s Fourth Congressional District since 2009 and has taken nearly $450,000 from corporate PACs over the course of his career. Brynne is building a movement of grassroots support to make this race a top pick up for Democrats in 2020.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?