Cal Cunningham


A fighter for his country and for North Carolina

Cal Cunningham is a lifelong North Carolinian, an Army veteran, business leader, and former member of the North Carolina legislature. In the State Senate, Cunningham fought for better education policy, clean air legislation, and campaign finance reform. After the September 11th attacks, Cunningham joined the U.S. Army Reserve, and served three active duty tours overseas. Cal earned the Bronze Star and the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award. As a prosecutor, his groundbreaking work held military contractors accountable for criminal misconduct. He lives in Raleigh with his wife Elizabeth and their two daughters.

A champion for campaign finance reform

Cunningham is running for U.S. Senate to take on the political corruption standing in the way of progress on issues like building an economy that works for everybody, ensuring access to health care, and combating the effects of climate change. Cunningham championed campaign finance reform when he served in the North Carolina State Senate, and will fight against the money infiltrating our political process that has created a culture of corruption in Washington.

A critical seat in the effort to win back the Senate

End Citizens United is excited to endorse Cal Cunningham and help him win this election in the swing state of North Carolina. Cunningham will be a critical vote for democracy reform in the Senate, and beating Thom Tillis means defeating a politician who cares more about what his biggest donors and political backers want than how to help everyday people.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?