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Carolyn Bourdeaux


Committed to helping her community

The daughter of public school teachers, Carolyn Bourdeaux has never been content sitting on the sidelines. She has committed her life to policy and public service that will contribute to the common good. As an aide to Senator Ron Wyden, she worked on health care, education, women’s issues, and transportation. After working as a Professor, Bourdeaux took a leave to be Director of Georgia’s Senate Budget and Evaluation Office during the Great Recession. Now, she’s running for Congress to bring her dedication to public service to Washington.

Determined to clean up our broken democracy

Bourdeaux is rejecting corporate PAC money, and has put forward a robust plan to unrig our corrupt system. In Congress, the first piece of legislation she will co-sponsor will be Congressman John Lewis’ Voting Rights Advancement Act; she supports same day voter registration, and legislation to stop voter purges like the ones she witnessed in her 2018 election. At a time when our right to vote is under attack, Bourdeaux is the fighter we need in Congress.

A targeted seat that we can win

In 2018, Bourdeaux came within just over 400 votes of a victory, making it the closest House race in the country. She is running a grassroots campaign that is putting democracy reform at its centerpiece. Bourdeaux has what it takes to flip this seat blue in 2020, and will be a voice for the people of Georgia in Congress.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?