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Chris Finello


A fifth generation Pennsylvanian, running to fix what’s broken in Washington

Chris Finello grew up in a large Irish-Italian, Catholic family in Bucks County, where she watched her father work two jobs and serve as a representative for his union. After earning a joint law degree and Ph.D. in clinical psychology, she moved to Missouri where she performed psychological evaluations on prisoners at a federal correctional facility. Finello then came home to Pennsylvania, and has spent the past ten years working to expand mental health services –– first at a nonprofit, working with the Philadelphia Veterans Court, and then as Deputy Director of the Bucks County Division of Housing and Human Services.

Fighting to restore our democracy

She supports comprehensive democracy reform to put power back in the hands of the people. Finello will fight to pass critical voting rights legislation, overturn Citizens United, and secure our elections. She is rejecting corporate PAC money, and will never be beholden to anyone but her constituents.

A chance to put a reformer in Congress

Hillary Clinton won this district in 2016, making it one of three Clinton districts that is still in the hands of Republicans. Finello is running a strong campaign and will be a steady fighter on reform in Congress. We have a chance to finally put a reform champion in this seat.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?