D | CA-25

Christy Smith


A proven leader for California

Christy Smith flipped her Santa Clarita Assembly district Democratic for the first time in four decades. In the state legislature, she has worked hard to advance common sense solutions to the challenges facing the people she represents, improving public safety, fighting for public education, and boosting economic development. Smith will be a champion for the people of California’s 25th District in Washington.

Running on reform

Smith knows that in order to have a democracy that works for the people, we must end the undue influence of money in our political system. She is rejecting all corporate PAC and lobbyist money, because she knows that too many politicians work for their donors. In Congress, she will always be on the side of her constituents, never the special interests.

An important seat to keep in Democratic hands

In 2018, voters in the 25th district sent a clear message on what they want from their representation in Congress when they ousted a Republican incumbent. This is a key district for keeping a Democratic majority in the US House.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?