D | NC-09

Cynthia Wallace


A champion for the people of North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District

Cynthia Wallace is the granddaughter of farmers, and grew up in a rural town with no street address. Her father was their county’s first African American Commissioner, and the co-founder of their local NAACP. Wallace has worked for 25 years in the financial services industry, and currently serves as Chair of the district’s Democratic Party.

Wallace will fight for campaign finance reform and to protect the right to vote

She knows that Big Money has drowned out the voices of the American people for far too long. Growing up, Wallace saw firsthand her father’s fight to protect the right to vote with the NAACP. In Congress, Wallace will work to put our democracy back on track by fighting for comprehensive campaign finance reform and protecting the right to vote.

A chance to elect a consistent reformer

Voters in the Ninth district have seen what happens when Big Money buys their election and impedes their right to vote. In 2020, we have the opportunity to elect a leader who will always be an advocate for democracy reform.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?