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Dana Balter


A voice for central and western New Yorkers

Dana Balter is running for Congress so that the people of New York’s 24th District can finally have a true representative in Congress. Most recently a teacher at Syracuse University, she worked for several years at a disability services nonprofit. After the 2018 election, she founded a nonpartisan nonprofit called Enter the Public Square, which promotes civic engagement. Dana will be a strong voice for her district in Congress.

Ready to take down the special interests

Dana knows that our system is broken, and that Big Money special interests currently have more influence over politicians than everyday Americans. That’s why she’s rejecting corporate PAC money, and supports reform measures like overturning Citizens United and implementing a small donor matching program. In Congress, Dana will fight to protect every American’s right to vote and be heard.

A chance to flip this seat blue

In 2018, Dana came closer than any candidate before her to kicking Republican incumbent John Katko out of office. She’s running a dynamic campaign that is determined to talk to every voter in this district. Dana is ready to flip this seat once and for all.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?