D | MN-03

Dean Phillips


Delivering Results

Dean Phillips started his career working his way up his family company and managing several successful businesses. In Congress, he prioritizes collaboration and has a knack for working across the aisle in order to pass crucial and necessary legislation. He’s focused on restoring Americans’ faith in our government and works hard to engage with his voters so they feel heard.

Leading By Example To End Corruption

Phillips came to Congress to put an end to the corrupting influence of special interest money in American politics. He knows that full faith in our democracy can’t be restored unless we ensure that working Americans are the people guiding their politicians, not corporations and dark money. Phillips doesn’t take any PAC money because he believes it shows the best commitment to truly being beholden to his constituents.

Protecting Our Democracy

Phillips works tirelessly to support the interests of families, businesses, and the environment. He is the first Democrat to represent Minnesota’s 3rd district since 1960, making him a target for Republicans this cycle. It’s critical that we keep Phillips in Congress so he can continue his work advocating for voter protections, fighting against the influence of big money in politics, and restoring our democracy.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?