D | MI-08

Elissa Slotkin


A Lifetime of Public Service

Elissa Slotkin has spent her career in public service. Before serving in the House, she served in a senior role at the Pentagon, negotiating some of the country’s most sensitive national security matters. As a Middle East analyst for the CIA, she served three tours of duty alongside our military in Iraq. Slotkin brings her straightforward, commonsense approach to Congress to advocate for the families of Michigan’s 8th Congressional District. She fights every day to lower the price of prescription drugs, make healthcare accessible, and champion the need to bring more manufacturing back to America.

Transparency, Accountability, Trust

Slotkin is committed to being transparent and accountable to her district. Slotkin co-sponsored the For the People Act and has been a longtime advocate for comprehensive campaign finance reform. Slotkin will continue to fight to end the influence of corporations, special interest groups, and dark money and work to make sure that our elections are decided by everyday Americans, not corporate giants.

Representing the People

Slotkin has a history of being an accountable, honest, and accessible public servant. We need to keep her in office where she will continue to be a leader for the people of her district by ensuring that our democracy works for everyone.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?