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Gretchen Driskell


A dedicated public servant

Gretchen Driskell served six years as a city councilwoman, and was later elected as mayor of Saline, Michigan for seven terms. She then spent two terms in the state house, where she fought for good paying jobs and investment in infrastructure and clean water. Driskell has always worked hard to serve the members of her community, and will bring that dedication to Congress.

A record on reform

Driskell has pledged to reject corporate PAC money, and will stand up for fair and equal access to the ballot box. As a state representative, she introduced legislation to prohibit legislators and other state officials from becoming lobbyists as soon as they leave office, and co-sponsored a package of bills to increase accountability in the government. Driskell will work to reign in the Big Money that she knows has too much control over Washington, and will ensure the voices of the people are heard.

A proven winner

In 2012, Driskell beat out a Republican incumbent to represent Michigan’s 52nd house district in one of the most competitive races in the state, proving that she can win tough races. In her 2018 run for Congress, she closed the gap with Walberg by six points. Driskell is building on that grassroots momentum, and is ready to flip this seat blue in 2020.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?