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Haley Stevens


Creating Jobs

Haley Stevens has spent her career creating jobs, getting small businesses the resources they need, and improving access to education. As chief of staff to President Obama’s auto rescue she helped save GM, Chrysler, and 200,000 Michigan jobs. In Congress she’s stood up for American manufacturing and the working families who power our economy.

Listening To Voters

Stevens is a strong supporter of the For the People Act because she wants to get big money out of politics and ensure power is in the hands of voters. She has spent her time in Congress prioritizing the needs of her constituents and restoring faith in our democracy. Stevens knows the best way to restore faith in our government is to protect everyone’s right to vote so politicians can better listen to the people they represent.

Advocate For The People

Stevens will be a top target for Republicans this cycle, so it is crucial we support this democracy reform champion in her reelection. We need to keep Stevens in office so she can continue to protect voting rights and ensure a representative government.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?