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J.D. Scholten


A champion for rural Iowa

A 5th generation Iowan, J.D. Scholten has quickly made a mark as a tireless advocate and champion for the people of Iowa’s 4th District. During his 2018 campaign for Congress, Scholten hosted town halls in each of the district’s 39 counties, traveling around in his trademark Winnebago RV, listening and learning from voters. On the campaign trail, Scholten is focused on health care, the Iowa economy, and combating the influence of special interests in our political system.

A leading voice on fixing our political system

Listen to J.D. Scholten on the campaign trail, and it won’t take long to hear about his opposition Big Money in politics and the need for reform. From health care, to drug prices, to climate change, and tax cuts, Scholten continuously connects the influence of special interest money to a broken political system that isn’t working for the people of Iowa. Scholten knows that when the wealthy and powerful drown out the voices of everyday Iowans, the tenets of our democracy are undermined. In Congress, J.D. will be a relentless fighter to reform our democracy and take on the influence of special interests.

An opportunity to beat one of the worst Republicans in Congress

Scholten is running against Rep. Steve King, who continues to draw national headlines for spouting racist and sexist rhetoric. Scholten travelled to every one of the district’s 39 counties at least 3 times during his 2018 campaign, and came within 3 points of beating King. Back to continue the fight, Scholten is well-positioned to finally defeat one of worst Republicans in Congress. End Citizens United is proud to endorse J.D. and help him flip this seat.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?