D | NY-02

Jackie Gordon


Combat veteran, educator, and public servant

In a 29-year career in the Armed Forces, Jackie served across the world, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. She has spent nearly three decades working in New York public schools, and as a guidance counselor, advises Long Island high schoolers as they plan their transition to college and the workforce. She has spent over ten years on the Babylon Town Council.

An ally to take on corporate special interests

Jackie understands that government will never work for the people if money can buy politicians in Washington. That’s why Jackie supports a host of reforms to tackle corruption and overhaul our campaign finance system to return power to the people, instead of the biggest donors. She is not accepting corporate PAC money.

A chance to finally flip a winnable district

Jackie is running against Peter King, who has received more than $2 million in corporate PAC donations in Congress. New York’s 2nd District voted for President Obama in both 2008 and 2012, and King’s margin of victory has narrowed substantially over the past few cycles. Jackie is poised to flip this seat, and End Citizens United is proud to stand with her.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?