D | ME-02

Jared Golden


A Fighter For Maine

From serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Marine, to championing key legislation in the Maine House of Representatives, Jared Golden has always been a fighter. Since being elected to Congress, Golden has been a fierce advocate for Maine by working to expand access to affordable healthcare, defend protections for people with preexisting conditions, lower prescription drug costs, and protect Social Security and Medicare.

Tackling Corruption Head On

Golden is an outspoken proponent of the need to clean up our rigged political system. He hasn’t accepted a dime of corporate PAC money because he is only beholden to the people of his district, not special interests. He hears from his voters every day that Washington isn’t working for them and has worked hard on their behalf to pass campaign finance reform and eliminate the influence of big money.

A Reform Champion In A Swing District

Maine’s second congressional district is a competitive district. Golden has maintained this seat by knowing how to talk to voters on both ends of the political spectrum because cleaning up democracy and tackling corruption appeals to both parties. We need to keep reformers like Jared Golden in Congress.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?