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Jason Crow


Fighting For The People

Jason Crow has always been an advocate for the people, working as a pro-bono lawyer and advocate for veterans before coming to Congress. After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Crow was motivated to keep serving his community and country, so he ran for Congress to create meaningful change.

Unrigging The System

Crow came to Congress to strengthen our democracy. He knows that people can’t have faith in their elected officials unless they are held accountable. Crow served as an impeachment manager during the first impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump to shed light on the hypocrisy of this administration and restore Americans’ trust in a responsible government. Crow also co-sponsored the For the People Act, which works to increase government transparency, reform campaign finance laws, and fight the influence of money in politics. Crow rejects corporate PAC money, is the co-chair of the End Corruption Caucus, and is fighting to make sure elections are decided by working Americans, not the special interests.

A Record On Reform

Crow brings his experience as a veteran and a lawyer to his role in Congress. Since being elected, he has fought to protect DREAMers, worked to pass legislation to combat the effects of climate change, and focused on preventing gun violence. We need to keep Crow in office so he can continue to fight for accountability in our electoral system and comprehensive democracy reform.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?