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Jill Schupp


A leader shaped by family and community

Growing up in a two-bedroom home in University City, Jill worked part-time while in high school at Parkway North and became one of the first in her family to graduate college. Inspired by her father and grandfather who worked six days a week at the junkyard in East St. Louis, Jill’s work ethic led her to becoming a State Senator. In the Missouri State Senate, Jill has been a tireless advocate for her community, working to bring down the cost of healthcare in emergency rooms, improve safety regulations at daycares and reduce the risk of suicide through required training for mental health professionals.

A candidate that knows the effects of dark money

Jill knows that common-sense solutions to issues that affect Missourians, like climate change, gun violence, healthcare, and prescription drug costs, aren’t possible without comprehensive democracy reform. Jill also knows that the outsized influence of corporate special interests has stalled progress in Washington. In the Missouri State Senate, Jill introduced a strong anti-dark money bill that would require disclosure of dark money groups. In Congress, Jill will break the status quo by being accountable to Missouri families instead of big-dollar donors––which is why her campaign is rejecting corporate PAC money.

A strong candidate to flip a red district blue

Jill is running against Republican incumbent Rep. Ann Wagner, who has taken over $2.8 million from corporate PACs throughout her career. In 2018, Wagner won her race by only four points, making flipping Missouri’s Second Congressional District a top priority for Democrats in 2020. Jill is building a strong movement of small, individual donors to take on Wagner.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?