Joe Biden


Vice President Joe Biden has been fighting for transformational change to our democracy since his first year in the U.S. Senate, through his service as Vice President, and during his 2020 campaign. He knows that if we want to make progress on so many issues–from creating a fair economy to lowering the cost of prescription drugs–we need to ensure every voice and vote is heard and protected in our elections, regardless of who you are, how much money you have, or where you come from.

As a young Senator, one of the first bills Biden supported was legislation to create a public financing program for Congressional elections. He continued his support for these clean elections programs throughout his time in the Senate, along with other reforms like a constitutional amendment to limit the influence of big donors and reforms to our lobbying laws. He voted for major changes to our campaign finance laws that passed through Congress.

Biden has been an ardent champion for voting rights and has never hesitated to call out those who tried to make it harder for Americans to participate in our democracy. He voted for every single reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act while he was in office and played a key role in the 2006 reauthorization, which passed with unanimous support. He decried the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County v. Holder that gutted key parts of the Voting Rights Act, and criticized discriminatory voter ID laws and the lawmakers who supported them, along with voter suppression tactics.

In his campaign for president, Biden has led by example by rejecting donations from corporate PACs and lobbyists. He has released a bold, comprehensive plan to reduce the influence of special interests, end foreign lobbying, and protect the right to vote. He has said that H.R. 1, the For the People Act, will be a top priority for his administration.

Vice President Joe Biden is committed to creating a democracy that works for all of us, not just big donors. We’re proud to endorse his campaign for president and will do all we can to ensure his victory.

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