D | MI-06

Jon Hoadley


A principled fighter for Michigan

Jon Hoadley comes from a family of educators. Serving three terms in the Michigan State House, Hoadley fought for investments in health care, good schools, and clean water as part of the Appropriations Committee. Jon will take the fight to Washington on these critical issues and more to support working families and make sure that our economy and our government works for everyone.

A voice to take on special interests in Washington

Hoadley knows that tackling our biggest problems starts with getting big money out of politics and reforming our campaign finance system. Hoadley sees overturning Citizens United and passing legislation such as the For the People Act as critical to reforming our democracy to make it more responsive to the people. To highlight his commitment to this fight, Jon is not accepting corporate PAC money during his campaign.

An important seat to flip this cycle

MI-06 is a top target to flip in 2020. Incumbent Republican Fred Upton won by 4.5% last cycle, running against an underfunded challenger. Hoadley has already earned ten union endorsements, and is assembling a team that is ready to win next November. End Citizens United is excited to endorse his campaign.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?