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Josh Harder


Standing Up For Valley Values

Josh Harder is a fifth generation Central Valley resident who came to Congress to advocate for lower healthcare costs, good paying jobs, and innovative solutions to expand access to water for families and farmers. He got right to work introducing key legislation on these issues and is deeply invested in creating a more sustainable future for his district.

Tackling Corruption Head On

Harder recognizes that Washington corruption stands in the way of delivering policies that the American people deserve. From making healthcare affordable to taking meaningful action on climate change, Harder has seen firsthand how special interests have undermined progress. Harder rejects corporate PAC money and has been a champion for the For the People Act because he’s setting an example of being a politician who works for his voters, not the corporations.

Committed To The Fight

Since taking office, Harder has stayed true to his core principles of accessibility, independence, and effectiveness. We need to keep leaders like Harder in Congress who are committed to delivering for the voters, ending corporate greed and corruption, and strengthening our election system.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?