D | TX-25

Julie Oliver


A champion for the people of Austin and Central Texas

Julie Oliver has spent her life beating the odds: she was born to a working class family in south Dallas, experienced homelessness as a teenager, and at 17 years old depended on Medicaid for prenatal care. She finished high school with a young daughter, put herself through college and law school, and went on to a career in healthcare finance and nonprofit accounting. She has lived the struggles of everyday Americans, and knows that the people of Austin and Central Texas deserve a representative who fights for them.

Determined to fight Big Money

Julie is rejecting all PAC and lobbyist money in her campaign for Congress. In answering to people instead of PACs and corporations, Julie will be a steadfast ally in Congress to take on Big Money and pass comprehensive campaign finance reform.

A chance to finish what Democrats started in 2018

In 2018, Julie’s campaign swung this district 12 points toward Democrats, and multiple state house seats in the district flipped from red to blue. This year, Oliver will take on incumbent Republican Roger Williams once again, and End Citizens United is proud to endorse her campaign.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?