D | NE-02

Kara Eastman


A Proven Fighter for Nebraska’s Families

Kara Eastman has more than 20 years of experience leading nonprofit organizations and serving local communities. Eastman started Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA) and took it from a small, start-up lead poisoning prevention organization to a nationally recognized, award-winning nonprofit that has raised more than $13 million to support green, safe, and healthy housing in Omaha. End Citizens United has no doubt that Eastman will bring this level of commitment and determination to Congress.

Committed to Getting Corrupt Big Money out of Politics

Eastman knows that the most important path to restoring democracy in the United States is overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and getting corporate money out of politics. The corruption associated with corporate dollars is a barrier to real progress on other key issues, such as climate, internet privacy, health care reform, and more. That’s why Kara Eastman is making democracy reform central to her campaign.

A Prime Pick-Up Opportunity

Kara Eastman came within two points of flipping this seat in 2018 and it’s time for a rematch. Eastman is running an energetic campaign powered by small donors and volunteers, and End Citizens United is excited to invest in flipping this district from Red to Blue.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?