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Karen Carter Peterson


An experienced voice for Louisiana

Karen Carter Peterson was born and raised in New Orleans. She attended Howard University before returning home to New Orleans to earn her law degree from Tulane University. Peterson has been serving the people of Louisiana since 1998 when she was first elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives. During her tenure in the legislature, Peterson was chosen as the first female chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party. And in 2017 she was elected as Vice Chair of civic engagement and voter participation for the Democratic National Committee where she worked to protect voting rights and expand election protection.

A proven progressive champion

From her time as a public servant, Peterson knows the importance of holding Republicans accountable while also pushing forward the type of progressive agenda her voters want to see. Peterson knows that corruption in Washington and the special interests are standing in the way of progress on issues that matter in her district; from expanding access to healthcare to tackling climate change. She is refusing corporate PAC money and is running a movement to put power back in the hands of the people.

A chance to grow our reformers in Congress

Electing Karen Carter Peterson is a critical opportunity to expand upon a growing class of reform champions in office. She will help ensure that voting rights protections and commonsense legislation to strengthen our democracy remain top priorities in Congress. She will always be a voice for the people of her district, and an ally in the fight to stop Big Money. We need her leadership in Congress.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?