Kathleen Williams


A long-time champion for Montanans

Williams has spent nearly four decades fighting for the people of Montana. She served three terms as a state legislator, where she brought diverse interests together to solve difficult issues.

A passionate advocate for reform

Williams rejects contributions from corporate PACs, because she knows that elected officials are supposed to be accountable to the people, not to special interests. She has seen firsthand the corrosive impact of money in politics, and is dedicated to making our democracy work for Montanans.

A winnable seat in a state that has a record of voting for reform

When Williams ran for this seat in 2018, she came the closest in over 20 years to unseating the incumbent; she was just four points away from victory in a state that went for Trump by 21. She has a strong team that is ready to flip this seat in 2020.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?