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Lori Trahan


An advocate for affordable health care and quality education for Massachusetts families

Rep. Lori Trahan (MA-05) is a freshman House member from Massachusetts who grew up in a union household. The first in her family to graduate from college, she worked on Capitol Hill before working in the private sector. She is the first Portuguese-American woman elected to Congress, and serves on the House Education and Labor and House Armed Services Committees.

Working to pass comprehensive campaign finance reform in Congress

One of the 36 House freshmen rejecting corporate PAC donations, Trahan won a crowded primary and talked about campaign finance reform and corporate influence on the campaign trail. Trahan is a co-sponsor on H.R. 1, and supports legislation that would increase disclosure and transparency requirements on political spending, crack down on foreign money in US elections, and overturn Citizens United.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?