Maggie Hassan


Delivering For The Granite State

Maggie Hassan was inspired to run for office in large part by her advocacy to ensure that her son Ben, who experiences severe disabilities, and other kids like him would have the same opportunities as their peers. As a State Senator and Governor, Hassan fought to combat the opioid crisis, address climate change, and expand access to affordable health care. In the Senate, she has been an independent leader for New Hampshire, focused on working across party lines to expand opportunity for hard-working families and small businesses.

Committed To Reform

Hassan recognizes that reducing the influence of money in politics is critical to the health of our democracy. As a strong supporter of the For the People Act, she knows the time to deliver on democracy reform and voting rights protections is long past due. She supports overturning Citizens United, and will fight to eliminate the outsized power of corporate money standing in the way of progress on key issues. Hassan will always remain accountable to the people of New Hampshire.

A Crucial Battleground Seat

New Hampshire will be a top target for Republicans, but Hassan’s record shows she can win a competitive race and still spend every day delivering for her constituents. This race presents a critical opportunity to re-elect a reform champion and hold onto our Senate majority.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?