Mark Warner


Senator Mark Warner (VA) serves on the Senate Finance, Banking, Budget, Intelligence, and Rules Committees. As Vice Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, Warner has helped lead the investigation in Russian interference in U.S. elections, and has worked to bolster the country’s cybersecurity. He has also been a leader on modernizing our health care system and combating the opioid crisis.

In office, Warner co-sponsored the For the People Act, which is the most comprehensive anti-corruption and democracy reform bill to pass the House since Watergate. The bill is being denied a fair vote by Mitch McConnell, Senate Republicans, and special interests who control the U.S. Senate. The bill would take on dark money and foreign interference in our elections, fix our broken campaign finance system, tighten ethics laws, crack down on lobbyists, limit partisan gerrymandering used to manipulate elections, and expand and protect the right to vote. Warner introduced the FIRE (Foreign Influence Reporting in Elections) Act, which required campaigns to report attempts by foreigners to influence U.S. elections.

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