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Melanie Stansbury


A Progressive for the Southwest

Melanie Stansbury, a New Mexico native, has devoted her professional life to advocating for environmental and social justice issues across the state. Since being elected to the New Mexico legislature in 2018, Stansbury has proven to be a dedicated fighter for her community, passing policy to address childhood hunger, expand economic opportunities and access to healthcare, and more.

A Consistent and Committed Reformer

Stansbury has proven dedication to democracy reform. Since she first ran for office in 2018, Stansbury hasn’t accepted a dime of Corporate PAC money. Then as a state legislator, Stansbury worked to improve New Mexico’s campaign finance system by introducing a comprehensive government transparency bill. She’s fighting to ensure politicians are working for the people, not the special interests.

A Chance to Keep NM-01 Free From Corporations’ Influence

Just as Stansbury has shown her support for democratic reform in the New Mexico legislature, she will be an advocate for these issues in Washington. During a time when our democracy is under attack by special interests and restrictive voting laws, it is more important than ever to elect representatives whose track records show their commitment to repairing and strengthening our democracy.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?