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Michelle De La Isla


De La Isla is a Proven Fighter with Experience and Grit

Michelle De La Isla grew up in poverty, was homeless, survived domestic violence, and beat cancer. She attended college as a single mother and shares the heart of every parent who advocates for a child with mental illness. De La Isla is a proven fighter and she will fight for the residents of Kansas’ second district.

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Committed to Getting Big Money out of Politics

De La Isla knows that our current campaign finance system will continue to produce outcomes desired by the wealthy few at the expense of the American people. Comprehensive finance reform is necessary to stamp out corruption, level the playing field, and return our democracy into the hands of the electorate. This is why De La Isla is refusing corporate PAC money and supports comprehensive democratic reforms, including H.R.1.

A Chance to Make History

Michelle De La Isla broke ground as the first Latina Mayor of Topeka and now she has the potential to be the first Latina Member of Congress elected from the state of Kansas. While Big Money Republicans like Steve Watkins abandon the Kansas communities they are supposed to be serving, De La Isla will give her community the representation they’ve been so sorely lacking in Congress.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?