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Mike Levin


Putting People First

Congressman Mike Levin was raised in South Orange County and has spent his career as an environmental lawyer fighting to protect his community from the dangerous effects of climate change. Levin has continued this work in Congress, introducing legislation to combat the climate crisis, create green jobs, and end Big Oil’s corrupting influence over our policies.

Holding Washington Accountable

Levin has never accepted any corporate PAC money and holds a town hall every month because he is focused on delivering for his constituents –– not special interests and corporations. One of the first bills that Levin co-sponsored was the For the People Act because he knows that we must increase transparency and accountability in our government and protect the freedom to vote.

Protecting A Fighter For Democracy

Republicans have listed Mike Levin as a top target in 2022, and with a slim majority in the House, it is crucial that he is re-elected. Levin’s tireless work on behalf of his constituents and our planet shows that he will not back down from a fight, and ECU/LAV is proud to stand with such a strong ally in the effort to get big money out of politics and protect the freedom to vote.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?