MJ Hegar


A veteran and Purple Heart recipient who led efforts for equality in the military

MJ Hegar served three tours in Afghanistan flying combat search and rescue and medevac missions. On her third tour, she was shot down and wounded, yet valiantly saved the lives of her crew and patients. MJ’s heroism in combat earned both a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor Device. In 2012, Hegar took on the Secretary of Defense, arguing that policies banning women from competing for certain positions in the military were unconstitutional. Her work was instrumental in policy being repealed in 2013. MJ lives in Round Rock, TX with her husband and two young sons.

MJ will stand tall to get Big Money out of politics and clean up a broken and corrupt system in Washington

MJ’s first encounter with the influence of money in politics is when she traveled to D.C. to advocate for troops and was told her representatives would not meet with her because she wasn’t a donor. As a working mom of two, MJ knows that our political system makes it difficult for anyone without special interest connections to run for office or to help fix our political system. MJ is running for Senate to fix the rigged political system that works for big money and corporate special interests instead of everyday citizens. MJ is rejecting corporate PAC money in her campaign, and will fight to get dark money out of politics so we can return power to hardworking Texans.

A crucial seat in the effort to take back the Senate

Hegar is running against three-term, sixteen-year incumbent Senator John Cornyn, one of Mitch McConnell’s closest allies and a member of the corrupt Republican leadership. After Democrats narrowly lost the Senate race in 2018, Texas is a central part of the 2020 battleground. Beating Senator Cornyn is a key opportunity to replace someone who does what his corporate backers want with a true campaign finance reform champion who won’t be afraid to stand up for everyday people. MJ Hegar is ECU’s second challenger endorsement of the 2020 cycle.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?