Sara Gideon


Always putting Maine first

Sara Gideon’s approach to public service is clear: she will listen to her constituents and put their needs first. As a member of her local town council, as a state representative, and as Speaker of the Maine House, Gideon has worked on behalf of Maine families. She has worked to lower the cost of health care for thousands of Mainers, increase economic opportunity, expand high-skills job training, and improve Maine’s public schools. Sara championed the state’s Medicaid expansion, and took on a Republican Governor to deliver resources to combat Maine’s opioid epidemic, and firmly supports a woman’s right to choose.

Sara will fight to end corruption in Washington and make government work for people

Sara is the kind of independent leader Maine has long been proud to send to Washington. As a candidate for U.S. Senate, she is showing that she’s committed to fixing Washington by refusing to take the special interest corporate PAC money that fuels so many politicians like Susan Collins. In the Maine State House, she championed efforts to shore up the state’s groundbreaking Clean Elections law. Gideon is a proven reformer, who has fought special interests and tried to repair a democracy damaged by the corrupting influence of big money. Her record in the State House shows she is not a partisan bulldog, but someone who can faithfully represent her constituents.

A critical pick-up opportunity against a Senator who has helped create our rigged system

Senator Susan Collins claims to dislike the avalanche of special interest money in politics today, but refuses to support reforms that would make a difference. Over the last 22 years, Collins has walked away from the commitment she made to Mainers to take on special interest spending in favor of her commitments to Mitch McConnell and corporate donors. She has embraced “dark” or undisclosed money from special interests to fuel her reelection. She has voted to confirm judges who help create this rigged system, including Brett Kavanaugh, who ruled to create the super PACs that can spend unlimited money in elections. And she voted against common-sense reforms, like the DISCLOSE Act, that could help fix the problem.

To win back the Senate and fix our democracy, this is a critically important Senate race to win. End Citizens United is proud to endorse Sara Gideon because we need a leader to fix the rigged system that Senator Collins has helped create.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?