Steve Bullock


A loyal fighter for the people of Montana

As an Attorney General and two-term Governor, Steve Bullock has spent his life getting things done for Montana. Throughout his time in public office, he has fought to protect health care, save public lands, and get dark money out of politics. Bullock is running for Senate to show Washington how Montanans get things done.

A relentless advocate of democracy reform

Bullock has always stood up to the special interests. As Governor, he banned all dark money in Montana, because he knows that millionaires and corporate donors have an outsized influence on our political system. He’s not taking a single cent of corporate PAC money in his campaign for Senate, and is ready to take on the special interests in Washington.

A pivotal race in 2020

Bullock has won three statewide elections in Montana, which went for Trump by 20 points, without sacrificing Montana values. He has a proven record of bringing Montanans together and winning tough races. Bullock is building a people-powered movement that can take on Steve Daines and his Big Money backers, defeat Mitch McConnell’s corrupt majority, and help Democrats win back the Senate.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?