Tammy Duckworth


Here to Protect

Tammy Duckworth is an Iraq War Veteran, a Purple Heart recipient, and former Congresswoman for Illinois’s 8th Congressional district. She has spent her life in public service, and prioritizes legislation that will lead to long term solutions, including policies to help grow small businesses, advance environmental justice, and rebuild our nation’s critical water infrastructure.

For the People

Duckworth believes that every American should be able to vote easily, which is why she supports the For the People Act. She knows that we need to pass this bill to get big money out of politics and strengthen our anti corruption laws in order to restore people’s trust in government. Duckworth believes in a democracy and a government that works for the people, not for special interest groups and big corporations.

Real Change

Duckworth brings her experience as a Veteran to her role as U.S. Senator by being a leader for working families. She fights for access to affordable healthcare and isn’t afraid to stand up to the corporations that try to take advantage of everyday people. We need to reelect Senator Duckworth so she can continue to protect democracy and the right to vote.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?