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Tom Malinowski


Promoting Justice

Tom Malinowski has a long history of public service. He served under the Clinton and Obama administrations, leading national security, intelligence, and human rights efforts. Malinowski came to Congress to continue the same work he has been doing his whole career, protecting American Democracy, fighting for justice, and promoting equality.

Advocating For HR1

In Congress, Malinowski is a steadfast advocate for his constituents. He worked to pass the For the People Act to put power back in the hands of the voters, not the corporations and special interests. Malinoski advocates for campaign finance reform and voter protections to ensure that our democracy works for everybody.

Fighting for the People

We need to protect members of Congress like Malinowski who are rejecting corporate PAC money and taking a stand against Big Money. He knows how to work across party lines to deliver results for his district and advance democracy reform.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?