Florida Politics: FEC complaint charges Rick Scott with ‘soft money’ fundraising before Senate campaign launch

April 11, 2018

By: A.G. Gancarski Gov. Rick Scott, a newly-minted candidate for Senate, faces his first Federal Elections Commission complaint a day after his campaign launch. In comments Wednesday in Jacksonville, Scott disclaimed responsibility for the issue when we asked him if he had used the New Republican PAC, a federal Super PAC, to skirt campaign finance […]


Salon: Arizona Republicans fight to protect dark-money donors from voters

April 5, 2018

By: Amanda Marcotte American cities have become increasingly liberal, while the Republican Party controls most state governments. In an effort to keep blue cities from passing local ordinances reflecting their values, Republicans legislators in state capitals have embraced pre-emption laws, preventing city governments from enacting all kinds of things: Protecting their residents from discrimination, for […]


Omaha World Herald: Jane Raybould backed by group that opposes corporate campaign donations

March 29, 2018

By: Aaron Sanderfield A national group that encourages candidates to reject corporate contributions is endorsing Democrat Jane Raybould for the U.S. Senate. End Citizens United said it chose Raybould, a Lincoln grocery executive and city councilwoman, because she, unlike Republican U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer, seeks campaign finance reforms, including reducing the role of corporate campaign […]