Duncan Hunter

The Big Money 20 are incumbents who represent the worst of Washington’s rigged system. They do the bidding of special interests like drug companies, Big Oil, Wall Street, and others with deep pockets while also voting to stack the deck in their favor – at the expense of the American people.

Duncan Hunter Is One Of The Most Corrupt Members Of Congress And Might Even Go To Jail For It

  • Hunter and his wife were indicted in August of 2018, accused of spending more than $250,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses.
  • The personal expenses included $14,000 for a family trip to Italy, at least eight other personal vacations, thousands of dollars’ worth of personal expenses at retail stores, school tuition, dental work, theater tickets, 30 shots of tequila at a bachelor party, video games, and a $600 plane ticket for their pet rabbit.
  • Hunter was accused of “taking money from campaign coffers as if they were personal bank accounts and falsifying [FEC] campaign finance reports to cover their tracks.”
  • Hunter frequently lied about or disguised the personal nature of expenses in order to avoid scrutiny, stating they were campaign-related or claiming the purchases for charity. In one egregious episode, Hunter bought clothes at a golf pro shop so he could falsely describe the purchase later as having been for golf balls for wounded veterans.
  • Hunter’s corrupt ways finally caught up to him in 2019 when his wife pleaded guilty to corruption. In her plea agreement, Hunter’s wife said Rep. Hunter “knowingly used the campaign’s credit card for six years to bankroll trips to Italy, Las Vegas and Disneyland” and pay for a variety of other personal expenses.
  • In a bombshell report, the Department of Justice even accused Hunter of using campaign funds to pay for “intimate encounters” with several women, including lobbyists and Congressional staffers. Hunter took a lobbyist to Virginia Beach and on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe — and paid for it with campaign money. Hunter also used campaign money to take women out for drinks and on Ubers after having engaged in “intimate personal activities” at their homes.
  • Prior to the indictment, when Hunter was under multiple investigations, he tried to gut the House’s independent ethics watchdog. The move was met with fierce repudiation by local press.

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