April 19, 2017 / In The News

Roll Call: Opinion: How Jon Ossoff Became the Face of the Anti-Trump Fight

By: Patricia Murphy

In the days after Donald Trump was inaugurated in January, liberals in America were depressed, despondent, and asking themselves what to do next. David Nir, the political director of the liberal blog Daily Kos, had an answer and that answer was Jon Ossoff.

Nir and the Daily Kos team had been crunching the numbers from Trump’s election since the day after it happened. Which districts did Trump underperform in? Where were the opportunities for Democrats? They quickly noticed that in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, which Mitt Romney won by 23 points in 2012, Trump had won by just a point and a half. Could Rep. Tom Price be vulnerable the next time around?

But within weeks, the Price seat was not just a target for 2018, it became the prize in a 2017 special election, after Trump tapped Price as his secretary of Health and Human Services to oversee the dismantling of Obamacare. In the minds of progressives, the Price seat was not just open, it was ground zero for the Trump resistance.

“No one wants to wait until 2018 — or 2020 — to fight back against Donald Trump,” Nir wrote in a post on Daily Kos at the end of January. “The good news is, we don’t have to.”

Nir then went on to introduce the site’s 3 million readers to Ossoff, a then-29-year-old former congressional staffer who had jumped into the special election in early January.

Even though there were three other Democrats in the race, Nir announced that Daily Kos would break with their usual policy and endorse Ossoff, who had already been endorsed by Georgia Rep. John Lewis. Crucially, Nir also provided a link to an ActBlue page where Daily Kos readers across the country could send donations to the unknown candidate in suburban Atlanta. This was their way to fight against Trump.

“Flipping this seat from red to blue would send shockwaves through Congress,” the ActBlue message read. “Replacing Trump’s anti-Obamacare point man with a Democrat would be an amazing little cherry on top.”

With that single post from Nir, the special election in Georgia’s 6th District transformed from a typically hushed conversation among Republicans about who should get “Newt’s old seat,” into a national campaign by progressive Democrats to put a bull’s-eye on Price’s home turf.

The fundraising haul from the Daily Kos endorsement was immediate. Ossoff raised more than $800,000 in a week from the ActBlue link — more than many congressional candidates raise in an entire cycle. Daily Kos readers, still sick over Trump’s election, began to holds “roots raisers,” local fundraisers around the country, for a candidate they had never heard of before the site endorsed him.

Within five weeks, Ossoff had raised $1.85 million and had 5,000 volunteer sign-ups. The national media, along with other outside progressive groups, began to pay attention to the race to replace Price in earnest. End Citizens United endorsed Ossoff in February. Two days later, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it would send nine staffers to the district and would transfer money to the Georgia Democratic Party for get-out-the-vote efforts.

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