January 3, 2019 / In The News

Vox: New polling shows voters — including independents — want Congress to pass an anti-corruption bill

Ella Nilsen
January 3, 2019

“Embracing anti-corruption and pro-democracy reforms are very good politics, and there’s polling from End Citizens United, shared exclusively with Vox, to back that up. The organization’s survey found that 75 percent of 2018 voters in battleground House districts said cracking down on Washington corruption was their top priority, followed by 71 percent who wanted to protect Social Security and Medicare, and 70 percent who listed growing the economy and jobs.

“House Democrats are listening; Their first bill of the year is HR 1, a massive anti-corruption bill aimed at stamping out the influence of money in politics, curtailing Washington lobbying, and expanding voting rights.

“Democrats flipped many of the battleground districts End Citizens United polled after the election, and many of the candidates who won in those districts ran on an anti-corruption message.

“Equally important to the number of voters who thought corruption was a problem was the number who wanted the new Congress to act quickly to pass reform legislation curbing it — 82 percent of all voters and 84 percent of independents said they support a bill of reforms.”

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