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ABC Fox Montana: Democrats running for U.S. office rally in Missoula

Nov 04, 2018

By: Stella Sun

MISSOULA – With less than two days until election day, Senator Jon Tester rallied in Missoula Sunday afternoon with several other candidates, as a final push before the voting polls close on Nov. 6.

Hundreds showed up to the Holiday Inn hotel in downtown Missoula at noon to show support for several democratic candidates running for office. Incumbent  Senator Tester, who is running for a third term in the U.S. Senate, rallied alongside U.S. house of representatives candidate Kathleen Williams and Supreme Court clerk candidate Rex Renk.

Tiffany Muller, who works as the president of End Citizens United, said Tester has shown that he is working to highlight campaign spending and big money in politics. 

“There’s been no bigger champion on fighting Citizens United since the day it was decided than Jon Tester,” Muller said.

The candidates rallied the crowd saying the result of the election on Tuesday will determine the future of public lands, health care, education, veterans affairs, among other issues.

“There’s only two more day until election day,” Tester said as he held up his left hand with two fingers (He lost the three other fingers in a meat grinder accident when he was young).

Governor Steve Bullock also made an appearance in support of the three candidates running for office. He shared his enthusiasm for the democratic base in Garden city.

“I won Missoula County by 20,000 votes,” Bullock said. “I won the state election by 20,00 votes because of what you did for us.”

Tester is spending the his last day campaigning for office on Monday Nov. 5 at the University of Montana’s UC Theater at 10:30 a.m.

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