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City Pages: Jason Lewis Replaces Paul Ryan as Top 20 Most Purchasable Congressmen

Jul 03, 2018

City Pages today spotlighted Representative Jason Lewis’ penchant for taking special interest money and voting against his constituents’ interests. Lewis’ record of doing the bidding of his donors at the expense of Minnesotans earned him a spot on End Citizens United’s Big Money 20, a list that represents the worst of Washington’s rigged system.

City Pages: Jason Lewis Replaces Paul Ryan as Top 20 Most Purchasable Congressmen

Pete Kotz ⎮ July 3, 2018

In just his first 18 months in office, Jason Lewis is swiftly becoming the most congressy congressman money can buy.

Think of him as Erik Paulsen Jr. Presented with a choice between his constituents and the siren call of Big Money, Lewis is a lock to luxuriate in the sweet scent of lucre filling his nostrils.

He’s voted to give health insurers the right to refuse people with pre-existing conditions. He’s prostrated himself before the NRA, authoring a bill to let visitors from other states blow off Minnesota’s concealed carry gun laws. He’s voted to hand behemoth tax breaks to major corporations, adding another $2 trillion to the national debt.

It’s called winning, Jason Lewis-style. And people are taking notice.

Now the Woodbury Republican has put himself in contention for rookie of the year honors, having been named one of the 20 most purchasable people in Washington.

End Citizens United is a reform group borne from the infamous Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to plow unlimited loot into politics. The group curates a running list called the Big Money 20, featuring an all-star roster of the biggest names in the play-to-play game, like Eden Prairie Congressman Erik Paulsen.

Lewis was recently named to the list to replace retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan. “Representative Jason Lewis is rigging the system for his mega-donors and special interests,” announced End Citizens United in bestowing the honor.

It notes that he took $21,000 from the telecom industry last year while pushing for an end to net neutrality, a move that solely benefits Big Telecom at the expense of its customers.

He also voted to let internet companies sell customers’ data without their approval, again at the sole behest of Big Telecom. AT&T and Comcast were writing him checks within days.

Then there’s the $50,000 he’s taken from Wall Street and Big Banks while fighting to knock back consumer protections. He’s also pushing to kill a law that bars major donors from shuttling money through churches and charities.

Lewis’ district runs from the southern St. Paul suburbs all the way to Wabasha. By keeping him in office, constituents can be assured he’ll always be fighting for… Jason Lewis.

And Jason Lewis’ bank account.