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Complaint alleges McSally falling short on donor reporting

Nov 21, 2019

Associated Press Staff

PHOENIX (AP) — A complaint filed with the Federal Elections Commission alleges Republican Sen. Martha McSally’s campaign hasn’t done enough to collect and report the occupation and employer for its contributors.

The liberal political group End Citizens United said it plans to file the compliant on Thursday.

Campaigns are required to make their “best efforts” to report the employer and occupation for donors who contribute at least $200 during any election cycle.

End Citizens United says McSally’s third quarter financial report includes at least 627 donors lacking that information. They contributed more than $284,000 between them.

The compliant alleges that’s an “unusually high rate of noncompliance.”

McSally campaign manager Dylan Lefler calls the complaint “baseless” and “frivolous.” He says the campaign would provide more information if the FEC requests it.