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Daily Kos: ‘People’s Filibuster’ turns out in 14 cities to urge that nominee Neil Gorsuch be rejected

Apr 01, 2017

By: Meteor Blades

Lauren McCauley at CommonDreams writes:

“… Gorsuch has ‘refused to outright state his stance on critical Supreme Court decisions certain to face challenges in upcoming years, such as Roe v. Wade.” However, many are concerned about the ultra-conservative, dark money groups backing his confirmation and what that could mean for the balance of the U.S. Supreme Court. […]

Amid the political imbroglio surrounding the nomination, the People’s Filibuster provides a platform for popular response and resistance. For those who do not live near an action, People’s Defense is urging people to “call or tweet your U.S. Senators directly and let them know how you feel about Trump’s agenda getting a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.’

People’s Defense partners include: the American Federation of Teachers, Credo Action, Daily Kos, Democracy for America, Demos, Emily’s List, End Citizens United, Every Voice, Indivisible, Lambda Legal,, NARAL Pro-Choice America, National LGBTQ TaskForce, People for the American Way, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Sierra Club, SEIU, Stand Up America, Ultraviolet, Women’s March, and the Working Families Party.”

Yes, these protests happened on April Fools’ Day. But no matter what day it is, having Neil Gorsuch on the Court would be no joke. Currently, 36 Democrats have agreed to join a filibuster against Gorsuch. Only five more are needed to keep the nomination from coming to a vote in which 52 Senate Republicans and their two Democratic supporters would propel the man onto the highest bench in the land.

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