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Democracy Itself Was on the Ballot on Election Day and Won Decisively

Nov 20, 2022

Jordan Wood


(Democracy Docket) Democracy itself was on the ballot last week. And with votes counted and most contests decided, we can decisively call this election a win for democracy. Across the country, from local elections to congressional and gubernatorial races to ballot initiatives, pro-democracy candidates and policies prevailed in competitive contests. Americans sent a clear message: free and fair elections matter….This election cycle, typically overlooked and underfunded secretary of state candidates had the resources and outside support needed to win toss-up races from groups like the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State, iVote and End Citizens United. In Arizona, Michigan and Nevada, the pro-democracy secretary of state candidates raised $8.9 million, compared to the $3.2 million raised by “America First” backed candidates. Across these three races, democracyFIRST PAC (a cross-partisan group dedicated to elected pro-democracy candidates to oversee our elections) raised $500,000 directly for these three campaigns and helped fund outside spending efforts.