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Education Week K-12: Supporters and Skeptics of Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Nominee for Education Secretary

Jan 09, 2017

By: Andrew Ujifusa

Since President-elect Donald Trump nominated her to be his education secretary, Betsy DeVos has attracted a host of support and criticism, which could make her confirmation process quite different from past confirmation hearings for that position. But who’s in her corner, and who’s been throwing punches?

The public-relations squabbling about DeVos has various facets. At least two groups, America Rising and Friends of Betsy DeVos, have been defending her nomination from critics and sharing supportive statements since Trump announced his pick. By contrast, End Citizens United and Every Voice have been attacking DeVos by arguing that senators who have received campaign contributions from DeVos and her family should recuse themselves from considering her nomination. (The situation of senators having received contributions from a nominee is not unique to this nominee and the incoming Trump administration, however.)

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