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Expect election conspiracies to continue without ‘real political or legal accountability,’ Michigan SOS Benson says

Mar 31, 2022

Samuel J. Robinson

(MLive) – Benson and Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United / Let America Vote, a national political action committee, warned that if candidates like Karamo are elected, Michigan could join other states that have already put in place the framework to be able to overturn future election results. “For the first time we now have candidates running for secretary of state and attorney general who actually deny the 2020 election results, who are trafficking in the Big Lie and perpetuate conspiracy theories that threaten and undermine our democracy,” Muller said. There’s no longer an agreement that some Republican candidates will accept the result of their election and that’s a reality Benson and Muller say could be dangerous to the future of elections.