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Expert: Dominion filing shows Rupert Murdoch “trying to help the Trump campaign”

Mar 08, 2023

Gabriella Ferrigne

Progressive watchdog groups Media Matters and
End Citizens United PAC filed complaints to the FEC last week. End Citizens United argued that Fox did not deny that Murdoch shared information about other confidential ads and said the denial did not rule out that the Fox boss may have shared other non-public details about the ad. “The trove of documents and the legal proceedings are clear: Fox has lied about the facts from day one and lacks credibility,” Bawadden Sayed, a spokesperson for End Citizens United, told Salon. 

“The fact is that court documents revealed that Mr. Murdoch took confidential information about Biden’s ads and shared them with the Trump campaign in a partisan manner. They also shared information about debate strategy. This had nothing to do with legitimate press activities. It amounts to an illegal corporate contribution. “There’s more than enough evidence for the FEC to begin an investigation, and we’re confident that they’ll find reason to believe Fox and the Trump campaign broke the law.”