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Fundraiser for truth-challenged Rep. George Santos charged with impersonating aide to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Aug 16, 2023

John Annese

(New York Daily News) The FEC complaint, filed by Democrat-aligned political action committee End Citizens United, called for an investigation against Miele, Santos and the campaign’s treasurer, Nancy Marks.

Bawadden Sayed, the group’s national spokesman, called the alleged scheme “a brazen and foolish plot….Santos and Miele knew exactly what they were doing, and they successfully conned unsuspecting donors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

In its complaint, End Citizens United also called out McCarthy, pointing to a Washington Times article that reported his aides knew about the impersonation as early as August 2021 — months before Santos’ election to Congress. “Although Kevin McCarthy was the victim of fraud, he deserves a lot of credit for allowing Santos’ fraud to persist,” Sayed said Wednesday. “He was aware of this scheme as early as August 2021 and helped keep it quiet. He shares a lot of the blame.”