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George Santos raised $265,000 for his own ‘stop the steal’ campaign

Mar 10, 2023

Tom Brune

(Newsday) The Devolder-Santos for Congress Recount committee has drawn scrutiny from the Campaign Legal Center and other Washington-based ethics and fair-election groups, and prompted the liberal End Citizens United organization to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. The groups have raised questions about how Santos’ recount committee raised and spent its recount funds, and about the credibility of its FEC filings… End Citizen United’s complaint to the FEC said filings show Santos’ recount committee and campaign committee reported overlapping expenditures… End Citizens United, a nonprofit focused on “getting big money out of politics,” argued in its FEC complaint that the recount committee illegally offset Santos’ 2022 campaign costs. But Kappel said the FEC allows a candidate’s affiliated committees to give donor files to each other.