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‘I was trying to help’: How Rupert Murdoch’s relationship with Jared Kushner boosted Trump’s campaign

Mar 09, 2023

Alex Woodward

(The Independent) Maximum penalties for such violations could include five-year prison sentences and financial penalties up to 200 per cent of the value of the contribution, according to progressive campaign finance reform group End Citizens United PAC. The group’s filing argues that Mr Murdoch’s communication with Mr Kushner “constitutes a corporate contribution, which – because Fox was not acting with a legitimate press function – is a violation of federal law.” “This was not only unethical behavior by Rupert Murdoch and Fox, it is also a clear violation of the law designed to tip the scales of a presidential election,” End Citizens United president Tiffany Muller said in a statement. “[T]he price tag for such information cannot be quantified,” she added. “It very well could have tilted the results of the election.”