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ECU // LAV President Tiffany Muller on Julie Mason Mornings – POTUS Radio

Jan 10, 2022

Julie Mason and Tiffany Muller

(Sirius XM – POTUS Radio) – What we know is at stake is that we’ve seen our democracy under attack every single day since then, from voter suppression laws, to gerrymandered maps, to election subversion, where they’re trying to set up the infrastructure to literally overturn the will of the voters, and then the dark money that’s funding it all. So the Freedom to Vote Act would actually make sure that we were addressing all of those attacks on our democracy. And we have all 50 Senate Democrats who support that policy, who are co-sponsors of that policy, and who understand the urgency with which to act. And so what I think the choice comes down to is, are they going to stand with an outdated Senate procedure, the filibuster, or are they going to stand with American democracy and protecting the foundation of our country? And… I think when they’re forced to make that choice, they’re gonna stand on the side of democracy.